Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot time summer on the water...part 2

I have been shooting with the Fujifilm X Pro-1 camera for about a month now.  It has impressed me greatly and continues to do so.  It is light weight, has old fashioned knobs and dials, has 3 excellent lenses and produces images that are better than any digital camera I have ever used.

I'm not a shill for Fuji.  But I was faced with a decision when I went to Europe:  I could carry five pounds of gear around my neck and get good pictures while looking like a paparazzi in every museum and restaurant I visited, or I could carry I small tourist camera and get crappy image files but be comfortable and enjoy the trip.

Then I read about this Fuji X Pro.  Light and great images.

It's a real breakthrough in digital cameras.  Now mind you, it's fiddly in some ways.  It doesn't know what you're thinking before you think it, like the Canons and Nikons.  It isn't photography on auto pilot.  But for those of us who actually had to calculate exposure and focus, this may seem more natural.

Don't misunderstand me:  I'm all for the young and innovation.  Kids produce fabulous images with phones, iPads and shoe phones for all I know.  And if they want a 5d Mark V, God bless them.

But for me, this Fuji producers images that sing.  The one above reminds me of an Alex Colville painting in its delicate handling of tonal transition and edge detail.

I love it.  And I can wear it around my neck all day and hardly notice it.

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Carlos Sims said...

Very interesting blog, Paul! Very glad to meet you at Lacock, UK. Carlos from Argentina.

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