Friday, June 15, 2012

Who wants to jump off a cliff?

I recently changed out my entire canon eos 5d mark II and III with all the good L lenses for a humble Fujifilm X Pro-1 with lenses (three only !!!).

I have made all my recent best photos with the Canon.  But when I saw the still life pix and then my vacation snaps from the Fujifilm camera, I just said "fu&%k it".  Life is short.  I want easy. This feels like my old Rolleiflex. I can wear it around my neck all day, without strangulation.  I think I'm home. (plus I banked $2600 on the trade in. It's like getting paid to trade!~)).

But when I got home from vacation, I realized the Fujifilm might not be able to do cable release autofocus self portraits.  Since portrait photography is one of my enduring loves, I had a brief moment of panic (just to see what it was like).

No need to panic.  The portrait files are stunning: in monochrome or colour.  The Fujifilm focuses like old friend Karsh on his best behaviour ("hold that now!" as he points the finger at you.)


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