Saturday, June 23, 2012

Never put flowers in your portfolio....1

Scott Kelby, a teacher and Photoshop expert advises "never to put flowers in your portfolio".

I think it's because everyone puts flowers in their portfolios and therefore:

a) art directors are so sick of seeing them they hurl,
b) since everyone does it, the odds are virtually certain that someone did better flowers than you and yours suck by comparison,
c) Botticelli had the final word on this in 1547.

So if you agree with Scott, you should find another blog to peruse for the summer.  Our front garden is given' 'er and it's liable to be a floral summer.

The rose bush is in flower (probably till November), the lilies are in and I like the way the Fujifilm X Pro-1 with the 60mm lens renders colour.

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