Monday, June 11, 2012

England .....6: The Ancients

North Americans often feel the ancient vibes from Europe.  Even though we can stand at the edge of the Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon, both millions of years old, we still feel a different vibe from the ancient signs of human habitation in Europe.

Two things struck me that way most profoundly on the recent England trip: the ancient trees at Windsor Castle, and Stonehenge.

Some of these ancient trees pictured above on the estate at Windsor Castle, were there when Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn flirted in the fields while riding.  Some of these most ancient oaks and elms may have seen Magna Carta signatories, or even watched William the Conqueror ride by as he mused that a castle might be good here in Windsor.

And of course, Stonehenge!  I blogged earlier about feeling the vibes from the place: air like pure oxygen and tingling fingers.  It changed me.

These are the processed images from those places, with the intensity I felt.

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