Monday, August 20, 2012

Utterly subjective, I know

I continue to explore the idea of white.  My neo-baroque postings explored the Caravaggio-like light, or rather shade, of the colourful image against a dark background.  Such images can be mysterious and hold a lot of power.

I find the white background totally different.  It feels modern and abstract, in a way.

It is a totally different photographic experience for me.  Such mental stretching is probably a good thing.

NOTE to photographers: The other thing I have found is that the Fujifilm X Pro-1 camera renders files in a way that is much more in keeping with my vision than the traditional dslr cameras. I'm not sure if it is the way the sensor array captures or the lens renders.  But it is markedly different from Canon and Nikon and even Sony full frame cameras.  There actually is a film-like aura about the files that gives a subtly intuitive veracity.  Utterly subjective, I know.

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