Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Consider the lilies of the field......

In honour of the Higgs bosun non-discovery announcement today, I thought I'd mark the occasion by switching from roses to orange lilies with blue pottery.

Besides, I was getting a little, shall we say, over loaded, with roses.

Orange lilies grow wild in our county.  They are nick named "day lilies".   I'm not sure why.  They are ubiquitous.

When I was cutting these particular flowers from the side of the house, my neighbour happened by with her dog.  She is an avid gardener.

"The lilies are nice", she said, "but they don't last long....just a day."

"Maybe that's why they call them day lilies", I said.

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Diana Hilliard said...

She's right...they only last one day. The variety we see everywhere are called Tawnies...but there are thousands and thousands of named varieties now. I love the Tawnies because they were planted by our earliest settlers, and just as hardy as they were. Anywhere you see Tawnies and lilacs... that was probably a homestead long ago. They should be our national flower.

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