Friday, May 25, 2012

Here we are in England

Here we are in England. We wanted to see if there was life beyond London so we signed up for a one-day tour of Windsor , Lacock, a laconic 13th century village complete with ancient abbey, Stonehenge, and then let's drive up to Bath to round out this 13 hour day!

It was a revelation. I went to Stonehenge a sceptic but actually felt the ancient energy of the place. It was like breathing pure oxygen and having a tingle in your body. I don't believe in this stuff but it happened. I can't explain it.

We then went on to Lacock where I find the ancient abbey where Henry Fox Talbot invented photography. I recognized the back garden from his photos. He owned and lived in the abbey in Lacock.

Bath was delightful if not a tad commercial. Sally Lunn's house was there. She apparently bakers cakes. Nice house anyway.

You'll have to figure out the photos below yourself. I'm blogging on a phone app from my iPad. It's hard going and I can't edit layout. Sorry

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